Our impeccable CBD + cannabinoid marketplace empowers you to take your well-being into your own hands by equipping you with not only top-quality products, but also the knowledge of how holistic alternatives can improve your overall health and wellness.

We’re Driven By

Our Story

We are cannabinoid users, evangelists and educators. In the search for relief of our personal pain and disease, we discovered a complexity of information about CBD + other cannabinoids that at times was frankly, unreliable or even worse, wholly inaccurate. This is where the journey of Tribe began.

After two years of research and education, it became evident that building a community in which we could share transparent information and reliable hemp products was imperative.

As a retired attorney, Reena developed an integrative wellness business in an effort to bring healing to others. Rhonda, in a high stress corporate environment, ventured into the studio in search of balance.

Together they forged not only a friendship but a vision to build a mission-driven company that educates its community on the benefits of this evolving industry.

Our Promise

We partner with advocates of wellness, from hemp growers to policy makers to consumers.

The problem is the lack of access to pure, top-quality CBD and cannabinoid products and the indiscernible information regarding the healing qualities of these natural alternatives.

We bring communities together in cohesive harmony to share the knowledge and benefits of a natural, abundant resource so you can experience an improvement in their overall health and wellbeing while having a positive impact on our Earth.

Tribe’s promise to you is a simple one: your health and wellness is our priority. We will provide you high-quality CBD and cannabinoid products to enhance a healthy lifestyle and provide alternatives to wellness management.

Our Commitment

Whether walking into one of our stores or browsing our website, Tribe is a safe, reliable and comfortable community where asking questions is encouraged and no judgements are made. The foundation of the Tribe philosophy is built on science, research, and transparency. Knowledge is power and shared power is strength.

Our strength is embodied in our commitments:

• We are committed to staying up to date on products, science and research to provide you an effective and empowering experience.

• We are committed to creating a safe and collaborative environment to encourage questions and provide education.

• We are committed to curating only the highest-quality products that can be traced from soil to store.

• We are committed to providing the most comprehensive product testing information.

Meet the Founders

Reena Kaven

ceo + co-founder

Reena is a recovering attorney who returned to the wellness-centered roots of her upbringing. She became a Nationally Certified Massage & Lymphatic Therapist, eventually opening an integrative wellness studio in 2015. After researching and carrying CBD products in her studio and using them herself for anxiety, stress and pain management, Reena realized she wanted to dedicate herself to the education and offering of high-quality CBD and other cannabinoid products.

Rhonda Bly

coo + co-founder

Rhonda has 25 years of marketing and business development experience and serves the community through her involvement with several, local nonprofits. She struggles with two autoimmune diseases that elevate her joint and muscle pain. As a cancer survivor, she sought alternative treatment methods and found CBD to be very effective in dealing with her day-to-day pain. Rhonda believes sharing her experience with utilizing cannabinoids in everyday life is one way she can help other people in her community.