4 Most Popular Edible CBD Products

Holistic health advocates promote CBD use for a number of health-related concerns, some of which include stress, anxiety, insomnia, and joint pains. And these health concerns are the primary reasons why states across the nation, as well as countries around the world, have allowed the use of hemp-derived CBD, from edible CBD to oils and tinctures.

Of the various forms that CBD-based products are offered, edible CBD is arguably the most favorite of those who wish to reap the health benefits of this particular cannabinoid compound in an enjoyable snack or dessert.

And for those who are now only beginning to realize the many rewards that CBD affords the body, mentally and physically, edible CBD products may be the better choice since these come in various flavorful forms, which make them easier to ingest. Think of it as your healthier alternative to the typical junk food you take between meals.

To help you get started, here are the most popular edible CBD products available today:

1. Gummies

CBD-infused gummies are the perfect after-meal sweets minus the sugar guilt. Usually, these gummies are infused with natural flavors derived from fruits and plants, which means you not only get CBD goodness in every piece but you also reap the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Tribe's Charlotte's Web Full Spectrum CBD Gummies come in three different flavors, each with its unique purpose: Recovery Ginger, Calm Lemon-Lime, and Sleep Raspberry.

2. Candy pops or lollipops

Some people suck on lollipops to help them concentrate, keep calm, or relieve stress. If you are one of these people, CBD-infused candy suckers are perfect for you. Just like the gummies, these lollipops are all-natural, no artificial flavorings and no high sugar content. These also make for the perfect between-meals sucker, relieving hunger pangs until the next mealtime.

Tribe's Novabliss CBD Chill Pops are all-natural, low-sugar lollipops. Each sucker is infused with 30mg of CBD. No high-fructose corny syrup or artificial flavors or colors. Choose from Piña Colada, Green Apple, Peach, and Watermelon flavors.

3. Chocolate bars

Who doesn't love chocolate? If you wish to start using CBD on a tasty note, you can't go wrong with CBD-infused chocolate bars! And just like the first two edible CBD products, these chocolate bars come in different varieties. CBD content may also differ from one chocolate bar to the next, and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Tribe offers Cheekywell CBD Chocolate Bars. These are Dominican Republic dark chocolate bars offered in specialty blends and flavors. These contain 40 and 80mg CBD, depending on variety or flavor. Choose from seven varieties: Sleep, The Wild Child, The Love Nip, PMS Relief, Chocolate Menopause Bar 40mg, Chocolate Saucy Romp 80mg, and CBD Me Bar 80mg.

4. Protein Bars

Believe it or not, edible CBD now also comes in protein bars. If you're going running or cycling, or you're hitting the gym, these protein bars will make for the perfect recovery food. And like most protein bars, these also contain superfoods like quinoa and flax seeds, rolled oats, honey, and more.

Floyd's Of Leadville Protein Bar, offered by Tribe, is a pint-sized superfood bar that contains 25mg of CBD and all-natural ingredients including organic honey, organic chocolate, organic peanut and almond butters, chia seeds, quinoa, flax seeds, Himalayan pink salt, gluten-free rolled oats, 10mg of plant-based protein, and six grams of sugar.

Other CBD products by Tribe include oils, tinctures, pain creams, loose leaf tea, coffee grounds, hemp flower CBD shot, CBD caramel bars, softgel capsules, and more.

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