CBD Tinctures and More: CBD Products for Men's and Women's Health

For decades, holistic health advocates have been vocal about the benefits of CBD but it has only recently become more widely accepted because a lot more people now understand that CBD is different from THC (a cannabinoid compound derived from the same cannabis plant that gives weed its psychotropic effects). Nowadays, CBD tinctures oils and other CBD-infused products have become more mainstream; that is, a lot more people, including health professionals, have acknowledged and accepted the fact that CBD has medicinal and therapeutic properties that enhance health and well-being. And more and more people are becoming open to using these as a health supplement or a complement to their medical treatment plan.

It's not surprising that manufacturers of CBD-based products have widened their product range. Apart from CBD tinctures and oils, there are now CBD-infused products designed for the specific health and grooming needs of men and women.

CBD tinctures for men and women's health

If you're new to CBD products, particularly CBD tinctures, the most important thing you should know about it is that it's different from CBD oils. Tinctures are alcohol-based and have a lower CBD concentration compared to CBD oils. Also, CBD oils are actually a blend of different oils, from hemp seed oil to coconut oil and others specified by the manufacturer.

Both types however, are generally taken sublingually or under the tongue. In terms of therapeutic effects, users share that they take oils and/or tinctures to relieve pain, help them stay control their anxiety, and improve sleep, to name a few.

Men's health

Aside from CBD tinctures, several other CBD products designed for men are now widely available. Each of these was created for a specific purpose. For instance, if you're a bearded man and you need help keeping it soft and clean; believe it or not, there is now a CBD product specifically for that. Check out Tribe's Jack Beard Builder full spectrum beard conditioner.

Jack Beard Builder is designed for men who wish to grow "the lushest, softest face fur on Earth." Contains CBD isolate extracted from American grown industrial hemp and blended with essential oils.

For personal hygiene, there are also cologne/deodorant CBD products designed for men. Formulated to keep men dry while nourishing their skin, such CBD-infused colognes and deodorants are fast becoming a favorite among all types of men.

Check out Tribe's Ology He Cologne + Deodorant for your two-in-one personal hygiene maintenance. Contains 60mg of CBD, organic grape alcohol, hemp extract, CBD isolate, and essential oils from lemon, FCF bergamot, cedar wood, mandarin, orange, juniper, ginger, and coriander, among several others.

Women's health

For women, there are a variety of CBD products for personal hygiene as well. Other than cologne-deodorants, women can now also take care of their skin and even build a new skin care routine using CBD-infused products.

For women concerned about the dark circles around their eyes, there is a CBD serum for that! Want to smoothen stretch marks? There's also a CBD product for that. And for pre-menopausal and menopausal women struggling with hot flashes, a CBD patch might just be the relief that they need.

From salves and creams to patches and bath soaks, there's a CBD product for every woman's needs.

Check out Tribe's The Good Patch: Hot Flash, a hot flash patch that contains 15mg of premium hemp extract, and blended with black cohosh, and menthol for the perfect patch.

Got questions about CBD tinctures? Or do you need help choosing the best CBD products for your skin and health concerns? Feel free to give us a call at (512) 240-9081. You may also leave us a message here. We'd be glad to hear from you.

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