Hemp for Dogs: Top 5 Things Pet Parents Should Know About

There's a growing number of pet parents who now advocate CBD for their dogs and cats, and rightly so. Just as hemp provides health benefits to humans, so do hemp for dogs and cats. If you're a dog parent who's hearing about hemp for dogs for the first time, the most important thing to know about it is that it's generally safe for your beloved furry friend. We say generally because safety still relies on a number of factors, foremost of which is the formulation and preparation of hemp for the pet products.

That said, here are a few important things that every pet parent should know about CBD/hemp for dogs:

1. Your dog won't get high on hemp/CBD

The biggest concern of pet parents regarding hemp is whether or not it will get their dog "high." This is a common misconception about hemp. Cannabis is a plant that contains approximately 144 different types of cannabinoid compounds. Each of these cannabinoid compounds has a different effect on the body. Of these cannabinoids, the two most popular are CBD and THC; and between the two, THC is the one with the intoxicating, "high" effect.

In a nutshell, THC activates the CB1 receptor responsible for intoxication while CBD inhibits it; so if you're worried about getting your dog high, don't be. S/he is perfectly safe with hemp.

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2. Hemp isn’t another term for weed or marijuana

This is closely related to the above. What fur parents first need to know about hemp for dogs is that it is not weed or marijuana. Basically, hemp and weed are derived from the same plant source, cannabis. The difference lies in how they are cultivated. Industrial hemp is commercially grown for a variety of uses, from paper to textiles, biofuel, clothing, food, and more.

Both marijuana and industrial hemp plants contain THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, but how much THC each plant variety contains is different. For cannabis grown specifically to induce intoxication or get high, THC content is at a minimum of four percent and could go as high as 25 to 40%. Hemp, on the other hand, contains only about 0.2 to 0.3% THC.

3. Hemp is legal

All 50 states in the country have legalized the use of hemp oil and about 40 of these states allow industrial hemp to be cultivated. Marijuana or weed, on the other hand, isn't legal in all states. While the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana has been legalized in some states, its health benefits are still not as widely accepted as hemp's. This shows that hemp for dogs is perfectly safe and legal.

4. Your dog won't overdose on full spectrum hemp oil/tincture

There is little risk for your dog (or cat) to overdose on hemp oil or tincture. However, as with any type of medication or supplement, always proceed with caution. You might be wondering how much hemp oil to give your pet and this is where it can be a bit confusing for pet parents using hemp for dogs for the first time.

If you check online, you will come across different pieces of advice. Some say you should dose according to your pet's weight while others say dose based on your reason for giving hemp: pain relief, ailment, anxiety, or well-being. To be on the safe side, consult the product manufacturer or supplier.

5. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes for your dog to feel the effects of hemp oil

Your dog won't feel the effects of hemp oil immediately after giving it to them. In general, your dog or cat will feel the effects about 10 to 15 minutes after, or no later than 30 minutes.

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