Tribe in the news: CBD for PTSD in Police + First Responders

KXAN News  (the NBC affiliate in Austin, TX) reached out to Tribe CEO and co-founder, Reena Kaven, on the use, and impact of CBD for police and fir...

What is Microdosing and Should I Be Doing It?

Microdosing simply means taking small amounts of a substance over time, usually on a schedule.  Microdosing CBD can be a wonderful tool, whether yo...

Texas Regulates Consumable Hemp (CBD) and Bans Smokable Hemp

 Texas Regulates Consumable Hemp Beginning August 2nd, 2020, new regulations regarding hemp will take effect in Texas. The regulations were enacted...

The Dirt is here! Read about Tribe's products, makers and hemp farmers

Not many people say “yes” much less get asked the question, “how would you like to buy a cacao farm in Peru”? Michael and Jennifer Caines did however, and we are ecstatic!

Can I fly with my CBD?

Will I be able to bring my CBD with me on the airplane? While the TSA has loosened its regulations around CBD products, the answer it still – it depends.

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