What is Microdosing and Should I Be Doing It?

What is Microdosing and Should I Be Doing It?

Microdosing simply means taking small amounts of a substance over time, usually on a schedule.  Microdosing CBD can be a wonderful tool, whether you are new to CBD or an experienced consumer.

If you are new to CBD, microdosing can be helpful in finding your right daily dose and/or product, whether you are taking CBD for pain, anxiety or another issue. Microdosing is particularly helpful with CBD tinctures because you can start with a dose as small as one drop. This exercise can be helpful but results may vary, since each CBD tincture is different in strength and cannabinoid/terpene profile. If you do plan on microdosing tincture to find your ideal dose, be sure to use a single product through the day.  And, it can take some time so it helps to keep track of your journey with a journal or jotter. You can start with as little as one drop and continue to add one more drop to your dose at each segment of time. You continue to build on your dose. It will look as follows:

8:00 am – 1 drop

9:00 am – 2 drops

10:00am – 3 drops

11:00am – 4 drops

12:00pm – 5 drops

By this time you will have absorbed about a half of a dropper.  If, however, you experienced your desired effect before this time, you can stop – you are where you need to be. Examine how you feel and if you need to continue the microdosing, keep adding in increments until you find a dose that is right for you.

Another way to microdose CBD is to use small amounts to enhance or add to your routine dosage. For example, if you have a routine of taking 30mg of a CBD tincture every morning and it is usually enough to calm and relieve, but you find that later in the afternoon you feel you need more, you may be a candidate for microsing. You may need a boost if you’ve had a day-and-a-half or if you experience an additional stressor. These small events may not require a full dose, but a microdose is perfect. 

There are several ways you can microdose CBD, other than with tincture.  And many of them can be quite delightful.  You can chew a 2mg piece of CBD gum, pop a 10mg mint, have a 10mg piece of chocolate or a caramel, a gumdrop or a taffy. Or if you like, take a hit off a vape or a hemp preroll – 3-5mg CBD per hit. Taking a 10mg mood-lifting mint can do wonders for you at 3pm!  Or a 10mg sleep gummy to ease you into dreamland.

Whether you microdose CBD with a tincture or with something else, it can do wonders for staving off an anxiety attack, PTSD reaction or an acute bout of pain. Microdosing is not for everyone, but given the lack of side effects of CBD and the calming and pain-relieving effects it can have, it may be worth a try.

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