EZ Guide to CBD Products

The vast amount of (good + bad) CBD information in the world can be overwhelming. We've compiled this beginner guide to knowledge and products. We hope this provides some clarity.

What is CBD?   CBD is one of over 100 components (or "cannabinoids") living naturally in the cannabis (Hemp) plant. CBD is not intoxicating and will not get you high.

What is CBD good for?   CBD and it's uses have been researched for years - primarily outside the US as it was not federally legal until 2018. US and international research studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, have shown CBD aids in pain management, stress + anxiety reduction, inflammation, focus, improved sleep, and more.

How to I take CBD?   Everyone is different and there are many ways to take CBD.  You can use a sublingual tincture, softgel, topical, edibles, smoke/vape and more.

What are some good, high-quality, best-selling products to start with?

For Stress + Anxiety 

For Better Sleep 

Joint/Muscle/Arthritis Pain


Please contact us by email at hello@tribe.shop or by phone at 512.240.9081 if you have ANY questions.  Educating people on the benefits of hemp is our mission and we are always happy to help.



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