Grun | High-Potency Massage Oil


Developed by a CBD expert and Massage Therapist, Grun Massage Oil is unlike any other on the market. Grun uses adaptogenic herbs, organic essential oils and fresh-pressed CBD rosin to create a powerfully-calming and deliciously-scented massage oil.  Slides great with no oily residue. Whether you are in need of a calmed nervous system, muscle recovery or just to relax into your vibe, this is your topical. This oil is so lovely, it can be used for more than massage - try it as a body oil and glide through your day!

All Organic and Vegan

Ingredients: Arnica, Jojoba Oil, CBD Rosin, Organic Camphor, Organic Eucalyptus,Organic Tea Tree Oil, Organic Menthol, Lemongrass Oil, Organic Orange Oil, Organic Rosemary.

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4oz, 8oz