Miss Grass Hemp+Herb Minis; For Zzzzz


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Calming CBD Hemp + Herb Pre-Rolls

High chill without the trip. Miss Grass ZZZ is a relaxing blend of organic full-spectrum hemp flower and organic adaptogenic herbs specially formulated to make you feel super serene. Like a hug from a friend or a quiet night in, it’s the ideal smoke for anytime you crave restoration, release, and a dreamy state of tranquility. Non-intoxicating CBD and terpenes combine with calming herbs like lavender, lemon balm, blue lotus, and skullcap to produce a smooth smoke in a mini pre-roll joint for a super laid-back mood.

Ingredients: Organic full spectrum* hemp flower. Organic food-grade mullein, skullcap, lavender, lemon balm, blue lotus, and blue vervain. Rolled with love.

Mullein - soothes the lungs and respiratory system

Skullcap - mildly sedates

Lavender - promotes rest

Lemon Balm - increases calm and clarity

Blue Lotus - grounds and uplifts

Blue Vervain - balances mood

Matchbox + stick matches


*Contains all cannabinoids including 36.74mg CBD and less than the federally legal limit of .3% THC per box