Pac Crest CBD + Mushroom Tincture: Starlight (Starlight 1000 Broad Spectrum)


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Achieve deep, rejuvenating sleep while enjoying feelings of serenity and bliss with this beautiful combination of of CBD and Reishi + Lion's Mane Mushrooms, as well as functional terpenes and adaptogic herbs!

Starlight is blended with adaptogenic mushroom extracts Reishi and Lion's Mane with Ashwagandha and selected terpenes: LinaloolMyrcene, and Nerolidol. These plant compounds have been known to help the brain achieve more REM sleep while allowing you to fall asleep faster. 

According to legend, the first Chinese emperor, Shen Nong sampled and catalogued over 365 plants to create the first book of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each were evaluated for their medicinal capabilities. Reishi mushroom was classified as the best of the “Superior” plants. These mushrooms have been traditionally recommended by Chinese and Japanese herbalists as a treatment for insomnia.

Lion’s Mane is a unique adaptogenic mushroom that has much research suggesting that it improves cognitive function, boosts memory power, and balances the central nervous system. It does this by stimulating Neural Growth Factor- a neurotrophic protein that enables the growth, replication, repair and of our neurons. Lion’s Mane may help increases REM sleep which enables neural plasticity to occur in the brain. This is when our brains process our days thoughts and events.

Ashwagandha is a potent herb used in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is thought to help regulate the nervous system and manage the effects of stress. By helping your body lower it's cortisol production it may alleviate restlessness and agitation resulting in better sleep.

Linalool is the terpene responsible for Lavender's pungent aroma. Plants with this terpene have been used in traditional medicine practices for its sedative properties. This terpene is believed to also have the ability to enhance the effect of other sedatives.

Myrcene is the most prevalent of the cannabis plant’s roughly 200 known terpenes. A cannabis strains Myrcene content determines whether or not the plant offers a sedative effect. Myrcene is responsible for the "couch lock" sensation common to specific cannabis strains.

Nerolidol is known for its sedative and relaxing effects, making it an excellent terpene for aiding sleep. This terpene offers a floral yet woody aroma reminiscent of fresh tree bark.

Pac Crest Botanicals Mushroom Blends are enhanced with added botanical terpenes, adaptogenic mushrooms, and herbal extracts designed to stimulate specific endocannabinoid receptors within the body bringing your body into a state of homeostasis. Each blend is infused with high-quality, pure organic MCT oil to optimize absorption.

1,000mg of CBD per bottle/ 33mg per serving