Texas T Delta 9 THC:CBD:CBC Tincture


Whether you seek the medicinal properties of THC or chose to level up, Texas T will do ya right.  A 2:2:1 formula of CBD:CBC:THC, this combo is magic.  And it is super clean tasting!

Each bottle contains 25mg or 100 mg. of Delta 9 THC naturally extracted from the hemp plant. Unline some other Delta 9 products, Texas T is not produced from chemically manipulated CBD isolate but, instead from the whole plant - the whole hemp plant!

It's just a plant y'all!

And Texas T includes more of it! In addition to Delta 9 THC, Texas T includes CBD an dCBC for a well rounded experience!

Texas T 25 contains 50mg CBD, 50mg CBC, 25mg Delta 9 THC

Texas T 100 contains 200mg CBD, 200mg CBC, 100mg Delta 9 THC

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100mg THC, 25mg THC