Willie’s Remedy Tea: 6 Flavors 420mg


In your favorite Willie Flavors: Black, Green, Chamomile, Peppermint + Hibiscus, and the newly added Tom Petty Wildflowers! All can be enjoyed hot or iced.  And top tip: the iced Hibiscus Tea makes a great cocktail (like the "Red Haired Stranger"). Mmmm.

But wait, there's more: These pyramid tea bags are biodegradable!
+ Convenient, not treated with any chemicals, and it's 100% plastic-free.
+ Composts in 14 - 21 days
+ whole leaves, flowers, and botanicals stay intact and are not cut like most other tea bags. 
+ 420mg, 16 individual pyramid Tea bags
+ Organically grown full-spectrum hemp
+ GMP and ISO-9001 standards

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Black, Chamomile, Green, Hibiscus, Peppermint, Tom Petty Wildflowers