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Hybrid: Wonderbread

  • Wonder Bread THCa Hemp Flower is an ideal choice for experienced users and novices alike! This strain is known for its uplifting, giggly, euphoric effects that energize and increase your focus and creativity. This hybrid strain is a genetic cross of Great White Shark x Lamb's Bread. The flavors are citrusy sweet, with an earthy touch. The Wonder Bread strain has a dominant terpene of limonene followed by geraniol and boasts a bright green appearance with orange hairs and frosty trichomes.

Sativa: Orange Creamsicle

  • Orange Creamsicle THCa Hemp Flower is a sativa strain created by expertly crossing Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, which many enthusiasts report to have a flavor like the classic dessert. This exotic sativa flower is an absolute sensation - creamy and citrusy, with bright orange hairs and golden crystals all over its forest-green nugs.

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Orange Creamsicle, Wonderbread


3.5g, 7g