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I have been using the CBD eye cream and it’s been one of the best ones I have used. It is very calming and takes away all the puffiness and tiredness from the under eye area. Would highly recommend it.

***** Priya K. *****

Online shopping is a nice and easy process and I got my order quickly. I love that I get a little surprise in my box every time! The Pachamama pain cream is helping me with knee and ankle pains and can’t wait to keep trying new products from Tribe. Great quality products!

***** Grayson E. *****

Great and easy website experience! I ordered the “Quim Happy Clam..” and just started to use it to moisturize my you know, lady part. I think we ladies have to stop neglecting our clams. Quim is a nice mix of various oils including almond, apricot and tea tree. I’m also trying the “Pachamama” for body aches and pains. Both are well packaged and I feel worth the money! I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice free gift of Chill Pop which I’ve yet to try but will let you know how that goes. Thank you for being discreet and not having “CBD” boldly stamped on the box for my privacy sake. I love this company!!

***** Edelyn E. *****

I love this store! The shipping is free and quick! Plus, I always get a nice note with my order. I will continue to be a member of the Tribe!

***** Jeff C. *****

Reena is so knowledgeable about different types of CBD products. I wasn’t sure what to order, but knew I needed something to “take the edge off” but also keep me focused, her recommendations were spot on! I highly recommend Tribe for their quality CBD and overall great customer service.

***** Stephanie G. *****

Tribe is the best! Reena and Rhonda are so genuine and caring. Their knowledge of CBD products, attention they give to their customers and the lengths they will go to educate is amazing. Join My Tribe! You won’t regret it.

***** Eric B. *****


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