RCC Apothecary | Single Cannabinoid Extract


CBC: This tincture contains 500mg CBC (cannabichromene) in certified organic MCT coconut oil. CBC (cannabichromene) enhances mood and sociability. In scientific studies, CBC has been found to raise levels of anandamide, a brain molecule that promotes feelings of contentment, happiness, and bliss.

CBN: This tincture contains a uniquely high level of cannabinol (CBN) for relaxation and restful sleep. CBN is believed to be the most sedative cannabinoid and supports falling asleep quickly and staying asleep longer. This CBN oil tincture contains 500mg CBN and certified organic MCT coconut oil. There are no fillers, melatonin or other ingredients.

THCV: 500mg THCV. THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) increases energy and suppresses appetite, which can support weight loss. THCV oil is also being studied in relation to nicotine addiction and for potential benefits for mental and physical health and wellness. 


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