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Sativa: Dive into the day with a burst of berry energy! Powered by the legendary Trainwreck sativa and fast-acting Delta-9. Experience an uplifting effect from the special blend of energizing terpenes and the vibrant blend of tart cranberries and sweet pomegranate. 10mg per gummy.

Indica: Find your zen zone with this passionfruit perfection! Infused with the classic OG Kush indica and fast-acting Delta-9. Dive into the tangy, tropical feels and calming effects from the special blend of relaxing terpenes and say “goodbye” to stress. 10mg per gummy.

Sleep: Drift into marionberry-plum dreamland with our sleep gummies. Made with Gelato Fire strain and fast acting Delta-9. Feel the deep sweetness of marionberry, plums, and a whisper of raw honey. This 3:2:1 blend of CBD, CBN, and THC is your passport to dreamland. 5mg D9 + 10mg CBN + 15mg CBD per gummy.