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Product Overview

TERPENE noun : A compound found in the essential oils of botanicals that give cannabis, conifers, lemons, (and others) their distinctive smell. Each terpene carries it's own therapeutic effect.

Cannabis contains over 150 terpenes. These are the ones we handpicked just for you.


BEAM: This scent is designed using botanicals containing terpenes with properties for stress reduction, mood elevation, memory retention and alertness. Intended to inspire and invigorate your mind.


Scent profile:

Top: Lemon, bergamot, spruce

Middle: Green leaves, sage

Base: Vetiver, palo santo


Terpene profile:

Pinene: Memory retention/ alertness

Limonene: Mood enhancing/ stress reducing- increases serotonin and dopamine


Found in pine needles, conifers, sage, juniper, and lemons in nature.


Fine Details:

Ingredients: 100% American soy wax, hemp wick, phthalate free fragrance infused with essential oils

Size: 6oz

Standards: Local, small batch, highest quality fragrances and essential oils, recyclable jar

Burn time: 40-50hrs


DREAM: This scent is designed using botanicals containing terpenes with calming, sedative, and anti-anxiety properties. Intended to relax and restore your mind.


Scent profile: 

Top: Incense

Middle: Smoke, hemp

Base: Frankincense, amber, patchouli , leather


Terpene profile:

Myrcene: relaxing/ sedative

Linalool: calming/ sedative/ anti-anxiety


Found in lemongrass, mango, citrus and lavender in nature.